[LISTEN]  Rhapsody of Realities Audio October 23 2023 By Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (Christ Embassy)

Theme: Righteous Use of Your Finances


Today’s Devotional underscores the importance of using one’s finances in a righteous manner, as it reflects one’s character and priorities. Money amplifies character, and faithfulness in managing worldly possessions, no matter how little, is key to experiencing God’s provisions and blessings.

  • Managing Finances Righteously: The text emphasizes the importance of managing one’s finances righteously, particularly in relation to the Kingdom of God. It urges believers to evaluate their financial actions and consider whether they align with the principles of God’s Word.
  • Amplification of Character: The text highlights that money has the ability to amplify or reveal one’s character. It encourages individuals to use their finances in alignment with God’s purposes and to prioritize righteous actions.
  • Faithfulness in Little and Much: Quoting Luke 16:10, the text stresses the principle of faithfulness and integrity in managing worldly possessions. It points out that being faithful in handling a little is a reflection of one’s character, and this character will remain the same even if one’s financial resources increase.
  • Prioritizing God’s Kingdom: The text underlines the significance of prioritizing the Gospel and seeking God’s Kingdom above all else. It is not the amount of money but the alignment of one’s heart and intentions with God’s purposes that matter.
  • Multiplication of Resources: By consistently prioritizing the Gospel and God’s Kingdom, individuals position themselves to experience God’s provision and the multiplication of their financial resource

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