[LISTEN]  Rhapsody of Realities Audio October 24 2023 By Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (Christ Embassy)

Theme:  Don’t Forget What Species You Are


Today’s Devotional highlights the importance of seeing oneself through God’s Word, recognizing one’s true identity, and being transformed into the image of divine glory by considering and confessing this truth.

  • The Purpose of God’s Word: God’s Word is given to lead, guide, instruct, and train believers in the things of His Kingdom. It is a powerful tool to enable individuals to see themselves the way God sees them.
  • The Word as a Mirror: God’s Word is described as a mirror (2 Corinthians 3:18) that allows individuals to see the image God has of them and what He thinks of them. It is essential for believers to retain this image in their hearts.
  • The Importance of Doing the Word: The text emphasizes that it’s not enough to hear the Word; one must also be a doer of the Word. The illustration in James 1:22-25 compares the Word to a mirror that shows a person “what manner of man he was.” This means the Word reveals one’s “kind” or “species.”
  • Being Transformed: As believers fix their minds on the image they see in God’s Word and consider it attentively, they are transformed into the same image of divine glory, beauty, and excellence.

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