[LISTEN]  Rhapsody of Realities Audio October 25 2023 By Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (Christ Embassy)

Theme:  Don’t Forget What Species You Are


Today’s Devotional emphasizes that when you are in Christ, you are not just a renewed version of the same old self; you are a new species of being, part of a unique breed of individuals. This newness comes with a higher quality of life and the divine nature that empowers you to live above the world’s limitations and the influence of the enemy.

  • New Species in Christ: The scripture in 2 Corinthians 5:17 states that if anyone is in Christ, they are a new creature. The Greek rendering of this verse suggests that they are a “new species of being.” This newness in Christ signifies not just a fresh start but a new kind of existence, a new type of man.
  • One of a New Breed: As a believer in Christ, you are not merely a refreshed version of the same kind; you are part of a completely new breed. The first among this special class of associates of the God-kind is the Lord Jesus, the last Adam.
  • A New Quality of Life: The new life received in Christ is of a higher quality than human life; it is the God-life. This life is eternal and cannot be oppressed by Satan or the world’s rudiments. The world has not witnessed your kind before; this divine nature makes you unique.
  • Walking in Newness of Life: Romans 6:4 emphasizes that as a Christian, you are meant to walk in newness of life. While your physical body remains the same, your spirit, your true self, is reborn with the divine life. This new life transcends the limitations of the world and the devil.
  • Living Above: Believers are partakers of the divine nature, companions of the God-kind. You are born of God with eternal life to rule and reign in this life. This consciousness empowers you to live above the devil and the world’s systems.

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