Rhapsody of Realities Audio August 26 2023 By Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (Christ Embassy)

Theme: A Productive Life


Today’s devotional focuses on living a productive life based on Genesis 1:28. It explains that God’s blessing empowers and confers benefits, which translates into productivity. Referencing John 15:16, it emphasizes believers’ ability to produce lasting results. The devotional encourages embracing this truth and walking confidently as chosen and appointed by God for a prosperous life.



  • Today’s devotional centers around the theme of living a productive life and draws inspiration from Genesis 1:28. It highlights how God blessed Adam and Eve, empowering them to be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth, and have dominion over all living things.
  • The devotional delves into the concept of “blessing” (Hebrew “Barak”), explaining that when God blesses someone, He empowers and confers benefits upon them. It connects this concept to the idea of productivity and efficacy in life.
  • The teaching extends to the New Testament, referencing John 15:16 where Jesus tells His disciples that they have been chosen and ordained to bring forth fruit that remains. The devotional underscores the idea that believers have the ability to produce desired results and should approach life with confidence.
  • It emphasizes that being productive is part of believers’ nature in Christ and encourages them to embrace this truth, walking in the confidence of being chosen and appointed by God to live a fruitful and prosperous life.
  • The devotional concludes with a prayer affirming the believer’s identity as a well-watered garden, bearing durable fruits of righteousness and prosperity.


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