Rhapsody of Realities Audio July 25 2023 By Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (Christ Embassy)

Theme: Count The Cost


The message of today’s devotional is to encourage unwavering commitment to the Gospel. Just as the apostles were willing to give their lives for it, we should also count the cost and be ready to do whatever it takes to spread the Gospel and fulfill God’s call on our lives. Our dedication to the Gospel should be unshakable, knowing that it is worth living and dying for. Let us stand boldly for the Gospel, preaching it with absolute conviction and resolute determination, even in the face of adversity.



  • The apostle Paul exemplified unwavering commitment to the Gospel, despite facing adversity, affliction, and trials.
  • Many apostles and early Christians paid a heavy price, including martyrdom, to spread the message of the Gospel.
  • We are encouraged to count the cost of our commitment to the Gospel, being ready and willing to give up everything, including our lives, if need be.
  • Jesus taught that whoever loses their life for His sake and the Gospel’s will save it.
  • Our lives should be fully dedicated to the Gospel, standing boldly and unapologetically for it in every situation.
  • We must be convinced that nothing is too much to give for the sake of the Gospel, including our reputation, possessions, or comfort.
  • The Gospel is worth living and dying for, and our commitment should be absolute and resolute.
  • We can draw inspiration from the apostles’ dedication, knowing that their sacrifices paved the way for the Gospel to reach us.


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