Listen To Rhapsody of Realities Audio May 23 2023 By Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (Christ Embassy)

Theme: A Different Kind of Promise


Rhapsody of Realities Audio May 23 2023 Summary

Please Listen to Yesterday’s Devotional and if You want to, you can Read Today’s Devotional instead.

  • Today’s Devotional begins by discussing the concept of “promises” as mentioned in the New Testament, specifically in 2 Peter 1:4.
  • It highlights the distinction between two Greek words, “epaggelia” and “epaggelma”, both translated as “promise” in English, but with different implications.
  • The first type of promise, represented by “epaggelia”, is described as futuristic, akin to a promise of a future action or gift.
  • The second type of promise, represented by “epaggelma”, is likened to a cheque that’s dated today. It’s not a promise of future fulfillment but a guarantee of present availability.
  • Today’s Devotiona lemphasizes that the second type of promise, if unfulfilled, is akin to a criminal offence in financial terms, as it would be like issuing a dud cheque.
  • The promises mentioned in 2 Peter 1:4 are of the second type, not futuristic but already fulfilled and waiting to be “cashed in”.
  • By “cashing in” these promises, believers are said to become partakers of the divine nature, or associates of the God-kind.
  • Believers are encouraged to “cash in” their cheques and participate in the divine experience.
  • The method to “cash in” these promises is described as speaking God’s language or declaring words of faith in agreement with God.
  • Today’s Devotional concludes with a prayer of gratitude for the privilege to participate in the divine experience and affirmation of the believer’s status as an associate of the God-kind.
  • Further study references are provided, including 1 John 5:11-12, Galatians 3:16, and 2 Corinthians 1:20.
  • And ends with a 1-year and 2-year Bible reading plan, suggesting continued engagement with the Bible for spiritual growth and understanding.

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