Rhapsody of Realities Audio September 23 2023 By Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (Christ Embassy)

Theme: His Ultimate Purpose


The message emphasizes that the ultimate purpose of Jesus’ coming was to impart eternal life and bring believers into oneness with God, making them sons of God and enabling them to live in the realm of incorruptibility and glory.


  • The Ultimate Purpose of Jesus’ Coming: The message begins by stating that Jesus’ purpose for coming to the world was not solely to die for sins but to make humanity into sons of God, imparting eternal life, and enabling believers to be like Him and have fellowship with God.
  • The Essence of Christianity: The message highlights that the essence of Christianity, according to the Bible, is Christ alive in believers. Colossians 1:26-27 emphasizes this, revealing the mystery of Christ in the believer, the hope of glory.
  • The Availability of Eternal Life: The message underlines the availability of eternal life to all who believe in Jesus Christ and confess His lordship. Through this, believers receive the God-life, bringing them into oneness with God. This, according to the message, is Christ’s ultimate purpose.
  • Conclusion: The message concludes with a confession of gratitude for the revelation of eternal life received by believers, allowing them to live in the realm of incorruptibility, immortality, everlasting joy, peace, and glory.

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