Rhapsody of Realities Audio September 28 2023 By Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (Christ Embassy)

Theme: Pray For A Receptive Heart


Today’s message emphasizes that prayer is essential when sharing God’s Word with others. It encourages believers to pray for a receptive heart among their listeners, relying on the Holy Spirit’s ministry to bring conviction and understanding. Effective ministry involves the power of prayer and the work of the Holy Spirit.


  • Pray for a Receptive Heart: The message emphasizes the importance of prayer when sharing God’s Word with others. It states that effective communication of God’s Word relies on the Holy Spirit ministering to the hearts of the listeners.
  • The Role of the Holy Spirit: The message underscores that the Holy Spirit is the One who convicts, enlightens, and opens the hearts of individuals to receive God’s Word. Without the Holy Spirit’s ministry, preaching and teaching may not be effective.
  • The Power of Prayer: Prayer is described as a vital component of effective ministry. Believers are encouraged to pray for others, specifically asking the Lord to give them a receptive heart, remove darkness that blinds their understanding, and break the power of evil that holds them in bondage.
  • Praying Against Resistance: The message shares an example of a prayer against spiritual resistance: “In the name of the Lord Jesus, you evil spirit of darkness that has blinded and put a mist in the heart of so-and-so to stop him from seeing and understanding the Word, I break your influence on his heart and mind.”
  • The Results of Prayer: When believers pray earnestly for those to whom they preach the Gospel, the transformative power of the Word is ignited within their hearts. It brings conviction, understanding, and a desire for a closer relationship with the Lord.
  • Closing Prayer: The prayer included in the message expresses the desire for receptive minds among those who hear the Gospel. Believers are encouraged to pray that God’s wisdom leaps out of the message and inundates the hearts of their listeners.

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