Rhapsody of Realities Audio September 29 2023 By Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (Christ Embassy)

Theme: Praying In Tongues Is Key


Today’s message emphasizes the importance of praying in tongues for spiritual growth and effectiveness in various areas of life. It encourages believers to seek the direction of the Holy Spirit through tongues and discern specific actions to take in response to their prayers. Praying in tongues is presented as a means to access hidden truths and achieve spiritual progress.

  • Praying in Tongues for Spiritual Growth: The message underscores the significance of praying in tongues for personal spiritual development and maturity. It states that praying in tongues helps believers make progress and rise to higher levels of spiritual edification.
  • Tongues in Various Life Areas: The message highlights that praying in tongues can bring progress and effectiveness in various life areas, including health, academics, career, business, and finances. It is described as a key component for achieving excellence and taking giant strides.
  • Praying for Others: Praying in tongues is not only for personal benefit but also for interceding for others. Believers are encouraged to pray in tongues for those who may have difficulty understanding the Word of God or need spiritual guidance.
  • Spiritual Insights and Direction: Praying in tongues is said to provide believers with insights, guidance, and specific directions from the Holy Spirit. It enables discernment about the best course of action in various situations.
  • Waiting on the Lord: Waiting on the Lord during and after praying in tongues is emphasized. Believers are encouraged to seek direction from the Holy Spirit and discern any specific actions or steps that need to be taken in response to their prayers.
  • Accessing God’s Secrets: The message mentions that praying in tongues allows believers to access God’s secrets and hidden truths that may not be obvious through regular understanding.
  • Personal Confession: The message includes a personal confession for believers to declare their commitment to praying in tongues and following the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

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