In today’s edition of Rhapsody Of Realities Testimony Cedric Barfou

Welcome to another edition of Rhapsody of Realities Testimony. Today, Cedric Barfou from Montreal  in Canada shares his testimony on how Rhapsody of Realities helped his faith and saw him through trying times. Find out more in this inspiring edition of Rhapsody of Realities Testimonies.

Cedric Shares his Rhapsody of Realities Testimony

My name is Cedric Barfu, the Rhapsody of Realities truly is a messenger Angel. It is a vibrant and powerful tool that has given me more stability in my life and that of my family because it has impacted me and given me more ability to dominate and live in peace and with complete confidence in all areas. 

His resolve to turn his family situation around pushed him to dig deep into the teachings of the Rhapsody of Realities Daily devotional. 

So in my family, I had many challenges in the area of conceiving. So then my wife had conceived, then suffered a pre-term delivery and it wasn’t good, and it did not turn out well. I said this is not possible. It is impossible that I as a child of God could allow myself to be dominated by this circumstance by this difficult situation. In this case of childbirth. The Lord was gracious to me.

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 We achieved the 2nd pregnancy and it started well. It was progressing perfectly and all was normal. Suddenly one day she came out of the washroom and said, honey, things are not. I asked what was wrong and she asked me to come and see. So I made my way to the washroom from the living room. When I arrived at the washroom, I saw blood everywhere, really, everywhere. She said to me that is it, it is finished. We have lost the child, I said to myself, wow. In that moment, I was seized by fear. But then I said I am not allowing myself to be carried away by the fear I will be victorious in this situation. 

His constant declaration of God’s word and faith turned the seemingly hopeless situation around, to the astonishment of his wife and others around him. 

I then happened to see the Rhapsody of Realities and opened it till Wednesday October 10, 2018 titled to not observe lying vanities. It seized me right then and there and I said, wow, I cannot observe this. It is a lie. It is impossible that in my home such a situation could. I begin to read the article and as I got to the part where Pastor shares the Scripture Exodus 23:26 and the Rhapsody which reads, they shall nothing cast their young nor be barren in that land. The number of that days I will fulfill at that moment I was seized by this and I said, Wow, Glory to God.  

And I started to worship God and I worship God. And I began to declare the word that are read in the Rhapsody. Declaring the word of God, I started praying in tongues, started praying in tongues. I started making declarations, and the more I prayed in tongues and prayed. And declared that in my home there would be no woman that would abort and to that child with birth. Normally I declared. I prayed, I prayed, I declared. 

 I prayed in tongues, and I received the assurance and the name. Peace came over me and I understood that the Holy Spirit had manifested himself and I had this profound peace. I said thank you, Lord. I gave glory to God. Then I closed the Rhapsody and put it in my bag. And then I told my wife that we are going because she had been telling me we have to go meet the gynecologist. 

Indeed, just like in John chapter one, verse 14, we have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only son who came from the father, full of grace and truth. 

And the doctor asked us to go with her. We rolled her into the room. She did every exam and she said, Sir, there is nothing wrong. The child is alive and perfect. I said. Glory to God and my wife started screaming and said no, I bled.

And the doctor said no, you never bled. It is impossible that you would have bled because from what I see, everything is perfect. There is no blood, so God had pushed all the blood up and cleaned it and made it so that it was like nothing had ever happened. So I give thanks to God, because the Lord brought my daughter back to life and she is doing very well. 

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 God bless you

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