Daily Affirmations on Favour


This is still my month of Favour
In this month of Favour
Favour surrounds me as a shield
I am favoured in my going out
I am favoured in my coming in
Men will favour me
Situations will favour me
Circumstances will favour me
Nature will favour me
I am favoured on the right
I am favoured on the left
I am favoured at home
I am favoured at work
I am favoured everywhere
Favour heaped upon favour
Blessings heaped upon blessings

Daily Affirmations: March 30 2023(Opens in a new browser tab)

Grace heaped upon grace
Promotion heaped upon promotion
Things are happening so fast for me
I am singled out for the blessing
I am singled out for help
I am singled out for promotion
I am singled out for acceleration
One thing fast in the heels of the other.
One thing happening fast on the heels of the other.
Great things are happening so fast with speed, so fast for me!
Happening so much for me to keep up.
On left hand, there are blessings.
On right hand, there are blessings.
In front of me, there are blessings.
Blessings everywhere.
Supernatural blessings!
Help everywhere!
Supernatural help!
Prosperity everywhere!
Supernatural Prosperity!
Everything is happening at once!
Everything is happening at once, with speed in rapid succession.
Everywhere I look, blessings!
Blessings like wine pouring off the mountains and the hills.
The blessing of the Lord has overtaken me.
The blessing of the Lord has overshadowed me.
I have such abundance!
My harvest has overtaken my sowing!
My harvest has overtaken my sowing!
My harvest has overtaken my sowing!
I have abundance everywhere!
I have harvest everywhere!
The grace of God,
Has propelled me forward.
I move with divine speed.
I move with divine acceleration.
I move with divine transportation.
I outrun horses.
I outrun chariots.
I outrun the systems of this world.
I outrun every limitation.
I have divine speed.
I am moving very fast.
I am moving fast, with the speed of the Spirit.
I outrun my competitors.
I outrun my industry.
I outrun inflation.
I’m faster than inflation.
I grow faster than inflation.
I’m faster than the exchange rates
I live above the economic systems of this world
I have divine speed, divine acceleration, divine transportation.
I am connected to God, for the Holy Spirit lives in me.
I live a life of extraordinary blessings everyday,
The Holy Spirit works in me,
He is building me and building others through me.
Thank you Lord for the increased grace upon the church,
Through this grace, we proclaim liberty in all the nations

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Thank you father, for giving us the name of Jesus to live in and to live by
I live in and by, the name of Jesus,
I rule and dominate my world by the power of that name.
I am a carrier of the blessing;
Everything connected to me is blessed, grows and multiplies.
I am a dispenser of the Lord’s goodness to my world.
I have received grace to reign and rule in life as a king.
I exercise dominion over circumstances, the devil and his cohorts.
In the name of Jesus, I break the influence of Satan on the nations,
I break his influence over the people and the leaders,
I break his influence over the young ones in the nations.
Christ reigns in the nations and his righteousness fills everywhere,
His righteousness mantles the hearts of men,
All souls in my Country belongs to Christ

And we receive them into our churches.

In the name of Jesus



Glory to God!

God bless you richly👏👏


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Daily Affirmations on Favour

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