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Today’s Rhapsody of Realities tells us , as believers, according to Revelations 1:6 and 1 Peter 2:9, we are not only considered as God’s people on earth but also as king-priests. This royal priesthood carries with it threefold responsibilities that are crucial in fulfilling our role in the Kingdom of God.

The first responsibility of a priest is to offer gifts to God. When people bring material gifts to the house of God, it is the priest’s duty to convert these offerings from material substance to spiritual substance that is useful to God. The priest acts as a conduit, consecrating and sanctifying the gifts, thereby elevating them from mundane to sacred. This highlights the significance of the priestly office in facilitating the transformation of material resources into spiritual blessings.

The second responsibility of a priest is to intercede for others. The priest serves as an intermediary between God and humanity, standing in the gap and representing the people before God. Through intercessory prayer, the priest brings the needs, concerns, and desires of the people before God, seeking His intervention on their behalf. The priest’s intercession carries weight and authority, as God obligates Himself to respond to the voice of the priest. This underscores the pivotal role of the priest as an advocate and mediator in bridging the gap between God and humanity.

The third responsibility of a priest is to teach the Word of God and reveal the principles and way of life of the Kingdom of God to others. The priest is called to impart knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of God’s Word to guide and instruct people on how to live according to God’s will. The priest teaches the principles and values of the Kingdom of God, equipping others to live a life that is pleasing to God and aligns with His purposes. The priest’s teaching ministry is vital in nurturing spiritual growth, transformation, and maturity among God’s people.

In summary, as God’s king-priests, we are entrusted with significant responsibilities. We are called to offer gifts to God, intercede for others, and teach the knowledge of God. These responsibilities reflect the essential role of the priest in facilitating worship, intercession, and instruction within the Kingdom of God. Through our priestly duties, we have the authority to transform material into spiritual, intercede for others, and teach God’s principles, thereby fulfilling our calling as royal priests in God’s Kingdom. Let us embrace and fulfill our priestly responsibilities with reverence and diligence, as we seek to bring glory and honor to God. Amen.

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