Listen To Rhapsody of Realities Audio May 24 2023 By Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (Christ Embassy)

Theme: Advancing the Kingdom


Rhapsody of Realities Audio May 24 2023 Summary

Please Listen to Yesterday’s Devotional and if You want to, you can Read Today’s Devotional instead.

  • Today’s Devotional begins with a reference to Matthew 6:13, emphasizing the concept of the Kingdom of God.
  • It distinguishes between the Kingdom of God, which refers to God’s universal dominion, and the Kingdom of heaven, which pertains to Jesus Christ’s messianic reign on earth.
  • The Kingdom of heaven is described as the part of the Kingdom of God that’s established in the earth and is headed by Jesus.
  • The vision of the Kingdom of heaven involves the establishment and expansion of the Kingdom of God in the earth, a task in which the Church plays a vital role.
  • Today’s Devotional goes on to  stress the responsibility of each believer to contribute to the expansion of the Kingdom of God, citing Matthew 6:33 as a call to prioritize this mission.
  • It encourages believers to reassess their priorities and align them with the advancement of the Kingdom.
  • The ultimate goal for believers should be to advance the Kingdom through their impact on the world with the Gospel.
  • Today’s Devotional also urges believers to devote their time, efforts, and resources to the furtherance of the Gospel, emphasizing the potential for greater influence in their city, region, country, and the world.
  • Today’s Devotional concludes with a prayer of determination to spread the news of Christ’s Salvation and a declaration of the Kingdom of God being set up in the believer’s heart.
  • Further study references are provided, including John 3:3-7 and Matthew 10:7.

Key Takeaway

 “Advancing the Kingdom of God calls for believers to actively participate in its expansion on earth. This involves realigning priorities with the Kingdom’s mission and impacting the world with the Gospel. The Kingdom of God, while a universal dominion, also manifests as a tangible reality on earth, headed by Jesus Christ. Believers are urged to devote their resources to further the Gospel and ensure God’s Word prevails in their surroundings and beyond.”

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